Craniosacral Therapy for Babies

We are Craniosacral Therapy practitioners who work with babies in and around Edinburgh. Craniosacral Therapy helps a baby get a good start in life. When a baby has had a difficult birth maybe requiring medical assistance like forceps, ventouse or caesarean section, or is not feeding well, has colic, reflux or other digestive problems, has interrupted sleep or is otherwise clearly in discomfort, then Cranial work may well be able to help them move towards comfort and ease.

We all want to have healthy, happy and contented babies. A parent knows if their child is happy and comfortable. Being the parent of a baby who is distressed or who just looks or feels uncomfortable can be upsetting and is an indication that they need attention. When a baby cries, there is always a reason why. This is when Craniosacral Therapy can often help.